Ode to Viking Jesus

O Viking Jesus – 
warrior of wild faith –  
     man of times! who storms the Capitol
     storm of men! whose flag is also mine
I vow to you my silent vote, 
my many clicks and shares,
whereupon your ship may sail

Storming the Capitol

I confess my political opinion:

These Trump fanatics who stormed the Capitol must be punished in accordance with our laws because their silly insurrection failed, but it’s not a tragedy that the Capitol itself was stormed.  In fact it ought to be stormed – frequently, and by all stripes. 

To put it another way:    

Democracy isn’t dead because of the dopes who crashed the Capitol; democracy is dead because of the ghouls who rightfully inhabit it.

We’re all sick of hearing that Congress is hollowed out and corrupt, but just because something keeps being true doesn’t mean we should stop saying it.  Especially now as Congress fails utterly to meet its most basic obligations to ‘the people’ – through cash relief, etc. – while sporting an abysmal thirteen percent approval rating.  They’ve been daring ‘the people’ for decades (centuries?) to pull a stunt like this, and now that ‘the people’ are jacked up enough to actually do it they’re shocked and appalled and morally outraged.  Right after passing a 700 billion dollar military budget they claim the Capitol Building as sacred ground and hide themselves under Jefferson’s skirt.

The only tragedy here is that the inaugural storming was accomplished in the name of Trump.  Picture, for instance, a similarly violent insurrection – but orchestrated by people fighting for universal healthcare, fighting to end the war on drugs, fighting to end American Imperialism abroad, fighting for livable wages and affordable housing, fighting for everything else that a corrupt body politic will never willingly yield to them.  This same picture showing the exact same violence might produce a different emotion.  You might actually endorse that kind of demonstration –

because the Capitol Building is not sacred.

I confess this opinion because I feel that it is a completely reasonable position to hold – yet I see it corroborated nowhere.  Not on legacy media, not on social media – not from left right alternative or otherwise media.  I seem to be alone in thinking that the Capitol Building is not sacred.  This bothers me.

Before I venture any further, I should clarify that I do not myself partake in political action of any kind.  I’m the guy in the back of the crowd, pointing and laughing at good and bad actors alike, enjoying myself immensely at the expense of humanity.  You’ll never see me holding a sign or chaining myself to a pole.  Not even ironically would I storm the Capitol, not even if I had the proper Viking gear and a red Jesus flag.  But I do laughingly salute the Viking Jesus who planted his flag on the Speaker’s desk.  And it makes me sad to think of him in prison.  I would rather picture him at the bow of a dingy with his knee forward like Washington, braving rough seas unto Greenland with nothing to his name but a musket and the Medal of Freedom.

Or maybe I’ll always identify him with a certain other Viking I know:

So I’m not a zealot. I chase every shot of politics with another of levity. And a tankard of mead if you can spare it.


Nevertheless, it bothers me that ‘the people’ would think of their legislative building as a sacred ground.  In my mind, it is precisely democracy’s imperative to keep that ground unholy, to make it shakable and changeable, to instill a bit of fear in those lawmakers who inhabit it and make them remember their obligations to ‘the people.’  When I see the country reeling too far backwards from the storming, cowering behind the many shrouds of jingoism and tradition, it gives me that creepy feeling that we’re about to lose another little piece of ourselves.

All I ask of you, before you go rushing to the defense of the establishment, is that you always keep in your heart the crimes of that establishment and weigh those crimes against your comforts.  Remember, for instance, that the Capitol Building was the staging ground for Vietnam, an unnecessary war of American aggression which left five million dead.  Remember that Congress enacted the Drug War and used it as a tool of oppression and persecution for decades, filtering millions of blacks and poors through privatized prisons that explicitly thrived on injustice.  Remember that your congressperson votes unthinkingly every year to perpetuate the military industrial complex (the war machine’s annual price tag is now over 700 billion).  Remember the Wall Street bailout of 2008-09, and compare the ease of its passage to the struggle-fuck of the current ‘people’s’ bailout.  And remember that these supposed public servants are all very wealthy, some of them obscenely wealthy, and because of their wealth and power it is very difficult for them to comprehend you.  They are above you and beyond you, seeking success in realms that are closed to you. 

They are out of touch.

I’ve been to the Capitol.  It’s a very impressive Building.  Stairs and domes and rotundas and balustrades and probably parapets too.  You can’t help but stand in awe of that architecture.  But that’s exactly what’s inspiring: the architecture.  If I ever meet the architects and builders who managed to raise that edifice I’ll eagerly shake their hands.  As for the ghouls who are currently shambling through those great halls – I’m not at all sad that Viking Jesus ruined their day.

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