New Short Film – Limbo – Starring Jon Benjamin

Hey guys, not sure if there’s any of you still out there.  Haven’t posted in a while.  But that short film based on my Jim stories is finally available online.  Here it is in all of it’s irreverent glory: (password is 1truthroad)


Thanks to everyone involved for a wild ride, and especially to you if you’re reading this.  If you’re one of the 8 billion people that hasn’t checked out the illustrated novel yet, it’s free for a couple of days:

Keep the indies alive!

9 thoughts on “New Short Film – Limbo – Starring Jon Benjamin

  1. Hey Adam!

    I’m Josh, I live in Canada, and I can’t download your book! Is it on my end, or is it not available for people outside the US? Keep up the amazing work, I can’t wait to watch the film!

    Thank you!

      1. I am well and truly confused. Everything on my end says the ebook should be available and free in the ca and uk stores, along with the us. Is it possible the link just isn’t auto directing you guys to the right store, and you’re on .com instead of .uk or .ca? I can’t find anything amiss on my end.

      2. Figured it out. .com does not redirect me even though I am logged in. Jumped to the uk store manually and searched.

      3. Hey Adam, I navigated manually to .ca and I was able to download it. Thanks so much! By the way, the film is perfection, exactly what I expected it to be!

  2. I’m definitely still out here! I miss the posts and look forward to being in a place with good enough internet to download the video.

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