The Book

Book of Jim eReader illustration Internal Cover
Cover and illustrations by Pat Jensen

These are the tales of Jim, an average dead guy on a trip through the devil’s paradise.  His unexamined life runs up against the existential weirdness of an eternal free-for-all, and a newfound hard-on for the Truth points him toward adventure.



Click here for the reddit post that instigated Jim’s journey, and you can find all of his stories below.  They’re in chronological order, except there really isn’t one.  You’ll figure it out.

The Stories

One Truth Road

The Freewillin Jim

Infinite Orgy

Crashing the Frankenmasque

Jim v Logic

The Face that Employed a Thousand Angels

I Hate Myself and I Can’t Die

The Devil’s Peace – Part 1

The Devil’s Peace – Part 2

The Devil’s Peace – Part 3

Daddy Lazarus

An American Dreamer in Paradise

Cool Cogito, Bro

Metadirt – Part 1

Metadirt – Part 2

A Mile High in Paradise

Escape from Psycho Pasture – Part 1

Escape from Psycho Pasture – Part 2

Escape from Psycho Pasture – Part 3

 The Journey

Intermission/Update (2014, April 13)

A Note on the Story (2014, May 1)

Limbo Kickstarter (2014, May 30)

Limbo Cast and Crew (2014, July 2)

Behind the Truth and Pics from LA (2014, July 27)

Book of Jim/Limbo update (2014, Sept 30)

Book of Jim/ Limbo update 2 (2015, March 12)

At Last!  The Book of Jim! (2015, April 5)

At Longer Last! Limbo! (2015, Nov 11)

The Film

(password: 1truthroad)

14 thoughts on “Jim

  1. I can not express how happy I am to have stumbled upon this series of short stories on Reddit this evening. Please continue with it, and thank Lucy for you Sir…

  2. I stumbled across this on reddit, and fuck me they’re insane. It’s as if Douglas Adams wrote an episode of South Park while under the influence of psychotics…

    Either way, loving them so far, will be checking back every once in a while to see where this goes!

  3. These are such incredible stories! I’m not much of a reader, but I read these all in one night without putting my phone down for a second. Great job, you have a real talent!

  4. Please you piece of brilliant, publish/write the next Jim story! You are the most amusing writer I’ve ever got the pleasure to get in contact with!

  5. Hey, do you have an update on the release of limbo, I mean I understand delays and everything but an update, maybe with an eta, would be great.

    1. I haven’t been as active as I’d like to be with the blog lately. I’m trying to get everything together, and pretty soon I’ll have the book up and some more stories. I’ll post an update soon. As for the short film, it is complete – but it has to make its run through the festivals before it’s released to the backers, and then online to the public. Exactly how far out that is, I’m not sure. Probably a few months yet.

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