These are the tales of Jim, an average dead guy on a trip through the devil’s paradise. His unexamined life runs up against the existential weirdness of an eternal free-for-all, and a newfound hard-on for the Truth points him toward adventure. A secular wet dream, a Christian’s cautionary tale, a Jewish psychedelic nightmare – the Book of Jim is a bad answer to questions that were never asked.

Jim on the blog


Jarmo is a wizard. He’s bored with the stupidities of humanity and he spends his time screwing with civilization. His latest gags are a people’s revolution in the capitol city and a nihilistic terrorist cell known as the Black Mirage. If no one can pull back the curtain, everyone dies.

“Expectations are the first sign of insanity.” – Jarmo

Prologue on the blog

Excerpt on the blog

Coming soon –

Sons of the Scythe


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